There are some situations you may want to access Azure Service Fabric virtual machines via Remote Desktop (RDP). I have got a requirement to configure VPN in Azure Service Fabric cluster. When I configured VPN I should ensure that all virtual machines are able to send and receive data. To check the traffic I have to access the Service fabric virtual machine.

I was wondering how to Remote Desktop to Azure Service Fabric virtual machines. I thought it could be difficult to access it via RDP. But I was wrong and it is quite easy to do it.

When you create a Service Fabric cluster there are other services are scaffolded out for you.

  • Virtual machine scale set

  • Storage account

  • Load Balancer

  • Virtual Network

In order to access Service Fabric Virtual machines via Remote Desktop we need RDP endpoints for the virtual machines. You can find the endpoints in the Load Balancer.

  1. Select your Service Fabric resource group

  2. Select the load balancer resource

     3. Click on Inbound NAT rules in the load balancer window.

     4. Find the endpoints for the virtual machines

Once you have the endpoints you can easily access the virtual machines via Remote Desktop. Open the Run dialog in windows. Type the following line in the run dialog.

mstsc /v:[servicefabric-cluster-name].[location][port number]


mstsc /

In the login window, you can enter the credential which you have created for the machines.

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